Referaty i prezentacje naukowe:

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  8. Medizinische Fakultat der Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin-Charite
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  12. Symposium " Erfurter Kinderchirurgentag " ,Erfurt ,Germany 31st,May.1997.
    Paper presentation:" Angiocavernom des penis"-Organizator:Prof.J.Gottschalk.
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    Papers presentation: Treatment of newborns with gastroschisis and
    omphalocele in the material of our department".and " Surgical Methods of
    treatment of congenital abdominal wall defect dutring the last 25 years in
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  18. 20th Congress of Asian Associaition of Pediatric Surgeons with Live Operation
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    Paper Presentation-" Abdominal Injury in Children in our Clinical Material of
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